FKK – Naturism

FFK club is erotic club where people share their nudity. Nude parties, erotic shows and sexy girls

The concept of FKK (also known as naturism or nudism) comes from German ‘Freikörperkultur’ which is translated as ‘Free Body Culture’ German naturistic movements were among the first ones in the world. In 1898 the very first naturistic erotic club was established in Essen, Germany.

Followers of this movement practice and promote nudity not only privately, but also in public. Naturists themselves stand for the idea that this is a trend which brings together humans and nature and its main form is to have no clothes no matter what you do. Naturism is not just a cult of nudity though, it also represents a philosophical direction and a view to life, which minimize a sexual view to nudity.

Places where you can discover nudity like erotic club

Naturism is usually seen in private places or determined public places, the most common places are signed naturistic beaches. Except for them, you can find wide offers of naturistic camps, recreational naturistic centers, spas, indoor swimming pools or saunas (check the article about different types of saunas). Across Europe, there are being established so-called ‘FKK saunas’. Those are clubs where you can find not only saunas, but also Jacuzzi, professional massages, and bars. People there again have no clothes or are wearing a bathrobe only.

It another way we can say that FFK club is the erotic club where people share their nudity. They organize nude parties, strip shows, erotic shows and much more. You can enjoy table dance or private show just for yourself. VIP parties. Surrounding by the most beautiful nude and sexy girls is FFK great place where to relax.