Hot Tub Benefits

In case you haven’t visited us yet, we would like to introduce you to our Sauna Club a little bit.

We have a hot tub, and not just any hot tub, but the XXL one. There is a lot benefits provided by using a hot tub and a lot of benefits provided by us whilst using our hot tub. Not only you can enjoy saunas and a cinema for adults, but you can also drink your cold beer and have a glass of wine with a lot of naked girls that love to visit our club too! Of course they love bathing as well, so there is no need to be shy, take off your bathrobe and hop into our tub with your friends and enjoy the whole spa-club-like day!

What happens to your body, when you have a soak in a hot tub?

DETOX – Hydrotherapy using hot water will clear your body of toxins through sweating. Bathing yourself in warm water will cause your body to sweat more than usual, which is your system’s main way of getting rid of waste and toxins out of the body.

A detox session in a hot tub will make you feel cleansed and boost your energy, while renewing and refreshing.


RELAX – The pleasurable feeling of submerging your body in water helps loosen tense, tight muscles and encourages relaxation. No pressure is put on your muscles and joints while in water, which helps your entire body to relax. Hydrotherapy jets found in hot tubs will massage your muscle tissue, which gives you a restful and calming sensation.


PAIN RELIEF – If you are suffering from pain related to arthritis, aching joints and stiffness, Hydrotherapy can make you feel much better. Raised body temperature, Buoyancy and the massaging sensation of Hydrotherapy jets will target the causes of these pains, creating relief and relaxation.


STRESS RELIEF – Stress is a modern epidemic, and it can lead to further illnesses through the knock-on effect it has on your physical state. Hot tubs help body vessels dilate and encourage blood to flow through your body, giving it a renewed feeling. This will help with sensations connected to stress, as well as lead to better sleep.


HEALTH BOOST – If you are feeling a little tired under the weather or out of sports, Hydrotherapy gives you several health benefits which will give you a health boost, both physically and mentally. Your stimulated blood supply will help improve the function of your internal organs and help your immune system. It also cleans out your skin, hydrates cells and increases your metabolic rate.