Facts about sauna

About nudity at sauna club in prague

Where does sauna have a place in the history? Where in the world have people started to share nudity and realize it’s like one of the most healthy procedures?

One of the biggest saunas is placed above the polar circle on the Norwegian’s Sandhornøya island where can fit more than 100 people. This sauna is made in the shape of a pyramid that has a own bar inside.  Half of pyramid is made of glass so visitors have one of the most beautiful views at the landscape.

The first mention about sauna comes from Stone age. Drawings and engravings on products show places similar to saunas how we know it today.

Between Finland and saunas is a strong connection. Finnish people consider saunas like their national heritage. Accorging to statistics there are 2 000 000 saunas for 5 500 000 citizens. Finns made a documentary about saunas and sauna’s nudity: Truth about the sauna.There is also one old Finnish saying  “If booze, tar, or the sauna won’t help, the illness is fatal.

American Indians built huts from leather. They whipped themselves with whisks and the procedure was ended with swimming in cold water.

Eskimos also made sauna’s procedures but they finished it with a hot thermal bath.

The first sauna as a part of an Olympic village was built in 1924 but it was used only by Finnish athletes. Since the Olympic games held in Berlin in 1936 sauna was accessible to all athletes.

In Finlad, Estonia, Latvia and Russia were saunas know as a sacred place connected to a lot of superstitions. A fire was considered as a gift from the heaven. The steam that was created by sprinkling hot stones with a water was considered as a soul or life by itself. Old rule says that you have to behave in the sauna in the same way as you behave in the temple.

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