Types of sauna

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Are you the kind of person who prefers private saunas or you prefer sharing nudity with random people around in the public? Whether the first or the second – There are some interesting things you should know. Sauna is not just about nudity, naked people around, having a good time and fun. It is also about your health and there are way a lot kinds… Find the best type for your body!


One of the most traditional saunas is the Finnish one and you can see this type almost everywhere. Interior is wooden with benches. This kind of sauna helps you to get toxins out of the body, increase the blood flow in your skin and body. Sauna make your immunity stronger but also helps to fight stress. From a huge list of positives for your health, there is an example of one of them: a sauna is the best cure for a cold foot illness. The temperature in Finnish sauna is around 85-95 Celsius degree and humidity around 10-20%.

Finnish sauna with steam

Specific kind of Finnish sauna is the steam one. In a period time, people sprinkle hot stones with water and scatter hot air inside of the sauna. Almost every 5 minutes is body affected by the new wave of a heat. The temperature inside this sauna is around 80-90 Celsius degree and humidity around 10-30%. This type of sauna is great for the intense heating of a body and is great for a body thermoregulation.


If you don’t like the high temperature of Finnish sauna there are other possibilities! In Tropic one, the temperature is around 65-75 Celsius degree. To reach the regeneration effect is lower temperature compensate with higher humidity. This attribute makes the tropic valuable place for a people with breathing problems – asthma, for example. This kind is also a good place for a people with rheumatic pain and muscle disease.


And even lower heat is in a Herbal sauna. Because of the low temperature between 40-50 Celsius degree is aromatherapy part of this procedure. Hot surrounding helps to creams and peeling soak into the skin and the purgative effect is much better. Another advantage of herbal one is that low temperature doesn’t make your airways dry. In the herbal, you are surrounded by ceramics benches and the humidity is between 10-20%.


If you struggle with airways problems – steam sauna is the best choice for you. Temperature is around 40-45 Celsius degree and humidity is between 95-100%. With a combination of eucalyptus aromatherapy is this one of the most usual ways how to cure asthma or bronchi inflammation. This procedure helps release airways. Another typical procedure is peeling – comfy way how to make your skin look younger and get rid of dead skin cells. Steam sauna also helps with convalescence after injury of the musculoskeletal system.


The salt sauna is about a light heating – the temperature is around 40-55 Celsius degree and humidity is around 15-30%. You can enjoy relaxing in the wooden couchette surrounded by the salt stones. Salt one is great for skin and it is a great start for the people who just want to start with “sauna life”.


Bio sauna is one of the new kinds. Specific thing about it is that they are heated by a special stove which can relate temperature and humidity on the same caliber. You can enjoy stable 60 Celsius degrees and set humidity as you prefer. You can also combine bio sauna with aromatherapy.


This kind you can often find in the fitness center. Infrasauna is a favorite place for sportsmen before they start with a training. It is a great place where you heat your muscles. Infrasauna is mostly one room surrounded by wood. Inside of the room is infra emitters. Infra light can easily get deep into the body. The temperature in this sauna is around 45-60 Celsius degree.


Let’s get back in the history – to the times where all this sauna idea come from. It was heat made by a typical stove. It means a lot of soots and smoke. After visiting this kind of sauna you will feel like fried chicken and you will probably start to be asthmatic even if you were healthy before. Did you know you can still visit one of these archaic saunas? Few of them are still open in heritage villages around Finland.