naked sexy girl makes striptease in prague at sauna club

Striptease is an erotic dance where the sexy girls undress fully or partly in front of the audience.The history of this dance began back in ancient Rome and Greece. Here dancers were dancing for a pleasure of men. How typical. A desire for a naked women body is still something of what men get crazy for.

History of striptease and sauna

First of all, the version of striptease how we know it today started in London in brothelsin the 18th century. The naked girl stripped on tables for entertainment. To please more, the dancers were making striptease in a more attractive way as kinds of dances and nudity, and whole nudism.

In the 1880s and 1890s started shows in Moulin Rouge and Folies Bergère. It is being known as the origin of modern striptease. But who knows where it all started because we all know from books and diaries. How nasty were queens and princess in the middle age?


So today the pole dancing is dominating discipline of the striptease. It is a something more than a naked girl who likes naturism. A variation of striptease is a private dancing which involves table dance or lap dance with closer contact between people, where the dancer is dancing on or by customer’s table.

The places where stripteases are performed is nowadays called strip clubs, in addition, it may be performed at places such as pubs, bars,  theaters, erotic clubs, in limousines, cabarets or even in saunas, like the Sauna club in Prague. Moreover, clients hire strippers to perform on bachelor parties which have been very popular lately in these days.

In the Sauna club, you have everything you desire. Stripteases, lots of alcohol and the best food is available as well.